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Latest Release: Sunrise (Purple Sky)

2008-08-09 02:52:35 by Ic3m4n

Finally i found the time to remix the whole track of Shannon. If someone remember, i used samples of this track in "Copycat" ;) So watch out; because it will get you ;)

And here it is: Sunrise (Purple Sky)

So BIG thanks again to Shannon Hurley for the lyrics & the sweet voice !!!

Latest Release: Sunrise (Purple Sky)

Yes, after a lot of work i can call it Final: "Metal Gear Solid (Substance ReMix)"

Added a lot of effects and instruments...
did a whole new arrangement (incl. intro & outro) and mixing...
and finally mastered it.

You can listen to it right here: /154701
Please leave a comment and/or vote for my work. Would be really helpful. TY


(it´s within the these websites, so i think it´s okay to link)

"Metal Gear Solid (Substance ReMix)"  - released the final version !

Reviewing and commenting music

2008-06-21 18:53:11 by Ic3m4n

Maybe you don´t like my style of commenting, but i just say, what i think...and don´t try to kiss your ass ;) It could sound hard, but you can comment my tracks in the same long as you be honest. No one can get better, if i say things like "Cool ! Great Work!" (o.k. sometimes it is the truth & i don´t have anything to crit).
Also i don´t like "down-voting" because another artist has made better music than me/myself. C´mon...if you think the music deserves 0 points than please try to say why this is so !

just some thoughts -.-