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Entry #3

Latest Release: Sunrise (Purple Sky)

2008-08-09 02:52:35 by Ic3m4n

Finally i found the time to remix the whole track of Shannon. If someone remember, i used samples of this track in "Copycat" ;) So watch out; because it will get you ;)

And here it is: Sunrise (Purple Sky)

So BIG thanks again to Shannon Hurley for the lyrics & the sweet voice !!!

Latest Release: Sunrise (Purple Sky)


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2008-08-09 02:54:53

dude that looks like a real cd case nice cant wait to hear about man good luck. =3 (does that ever get old?)

Ic3m4n responds:

thanks, mate...


2008-09-12 16:34:54

great music!!
keep making that stuff instead od trance , this is WAAAYY better!!!