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"Metal Gear Solid (Substance ReMix)" - released the final version !

2008-06-29 23:01:10 by Ic3m4n

Yes, after a lot of work i can call it Final: "Metal Gear Solid (Substance ReMix)"

Added a lot of effects and instruments...
did a whole new arrangement (incl. intro & outro) and mixing...
and finally mastered it.

You can listen to it right here: /154701
Please leave a comment and/or vote for my work. Would be really helpful. TY


(it´s within the these websites, so i think it´s okay to link)

"Metal Gear Solid (Substance ReMix)"  - released the final version !


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2008-07-17 05:25:06

looks cool cant wait to see more


2008-07-19 14:49:37

nice song


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